Rapid prototyping and assisting with development.

 If you have an idea for a new type of cellphone cover and you need to show it to a potential investor or group of clients without having to explain how to read and interpret your drawings, you might consider having your prototype 3d printed. 

You will then have an actual cellphone cover according to your design that can be fitted to a cellphone and tested, as well as getting the idea across to potential clients or investors. We can help you with this process and we can assist with product development.

3d Modeling. 

In order to get any item printed you first need a very accurate 3d model. These 3d models can be given to us by the client in which case we just print the item, or we can do the 3d modeling at an hourly rate. If we need to do the print in different parts, it is best we have the 3d model in a format that we can edit so as to determine the best places to split the part. 

We are a licensed operator of the ZW3D engineering modeling suite. This software is absolutely on par with packages like Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks but at a fraction of the price.  We have very good local representation in South Africa with a company called CAD Connection. (www.cadconnection.co.za)

 Visit their website on the link above (Or on our sidebar) to see all their CAD software offerings. There is a solution for ANY application, from affordable home CAD packages to top end design packages that they can supply. 

If you would like a trial CD of the various CAD software packages which allows you to try the full suite for 30 days just give us a call. We charge a nominal fee of R40 per CD to cover printing and packaging. 


See our portfolio page for projects we have done.