Hi Resolution 3d Printing

We have recently suspended our FDM - 3d printing services temporarily. 

We do still however offer high resolution SLA 3d printing services using our Formlabs (Form 2) SLA 3d printer. 

This printer uses a laser to instantly cure various types of resins at very thin layers to yield astonishingly detailed and high definition parts. 

 To see more of this amazing printer have a look at their website here. www.formlabs.com

Jewelry masters for lost wax casting (We have a special castable resin/wax in which the parts are printed and can be directly casted
  • Witch Left
    Witch Left
  • Witch Front
    Witch Front
  • Witch Right
    Witch Right

Figurines and detailed accessories as seen from this figurine from the Heroforge website. 

Custom Molds and high definition test parts. These prints were designed to cast a keypad for a joystick unit for a boat.

  • 3d Printed Master
    3d Printed Master
  • Wax Copy cast
    Wax Copy cast
  • White Brass Cast
    White Brass Cast

Movie Props. Digital design of badge was printed by us and then handed over to client who used the master print to make a mold and cast wax copies for lost wax casting. 

 See our portfolio page for projects we have done.